Are you ready for a career in the outdoor sports industry?

Fill a critical need in the industry

Programs are entirely built by companies from the outdoor sports industry.

Benefit from a privileged relationship with outdoor companies

Build your own sports industry network by working closely with OSV and completing an internship.

Study and live in a spectacularly beautiful region

Between the lake and mountains, Annecy is a vast playground for outdoor sports enthusiasts: mountain biking, rock climbing, ski, trail running, etc.

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  • 01.

    Immediately operational talent

    The curricula for the three OSV  bachelor’s programs are based on company expectations to develop talent in order to ensure that there is no gap between the coursework delivered and company needs.

  • 02.

    An already established outdoor sports industry network

    Students are entirely immersed in the outdoor sport industry through internships, in-company projects, etc.

  • 03.

    International profiles

    Students are highly-proficient English speakers since all coursework is in English.

About OSV

Outdoor Sports Valley is the French national trade association committed to growing the outdoor sports market, promoting participation in outdoor sports, and preserving the great outdoors.

Outdoor Sports Valley (OSV) serves to grow and amplify the dynamic within the outdoor sports industry, cultivating the right tools and business environment for existing companies to grow and new projects to emerge in an ever-changing market.

“Outdoor Sports Valley,” aka “OSV,” refers to both a region and an industry cluster dedicated to outdoor sports. This area spans the Alps from Grenoble to Innsbruck, and encompasses tens of thousands of employees from the outdoor sports and recreation industries, the headquarters of most outdoor industry companies, and represents one of the planet’s most unique playgrounds.

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