In-company projects: OSV Academy students at your service

Would you like to launch a market study, conduct a segment analysis, or work on a new idea, but lack the necessary human resources?
Then assign the project to students from one of our three Bachelor’s programs!

To ensure students gain as much real-world experience as possible before graduation as well as stay connected to the current key issues the outdoor industry faces, students from each program are required to work on an in-company project.

Once classes start in the fall, students will work in teams (2 to 3 people) on the project that you choose to assign . With supervision from one of their professors, the group of students will spend 120 hours working with you on the project and then present the results and final deliverables in January.

The university invoices €500 net for the project. The money serves to fund the programs.

Three specialized bachelor's programs

  • Bachelor's in Design Sports Textile & Footwear

    - PSTF -

    Projects focusing on R&D, product development, or product range design.

    Examples: developing seamless gloves, designing bags for horseback riding, etc.

  • Bachelor's in International Sales Specialists in Sports

    - I3S -

    Projects focusing on marketing or sales.

    Examples: a market study for Scandinavia, organizing BtoC or BtoB events, etc.

  • Bachelor's in Marketing & Communications

    - SDC -

    Projects focusing on product-concept development, finalizing the product range for market launch, or even storytelling.

    Examples: defining the brand strategy, developing a new website, building a communications plan, etc.

Send us your projects!

If you would like to assign a project a group of OSV Academy students, contact Solène.