The goal of this program is to train future “Go-to-Market” specialists capable of finalizing a product range, associated stories, as well as key marketing/communications tools and content.


France: “Licence Professionnelle” (L3) International: Bachelor’s degree (3 or 4 year university degree depending on country)

Annecy, France (Northern French Alps)

Creativity, marketing skills, knowledge in design, product and project management, and the outdoor industry.


12 months full-time

6 months

Go-to-Market manager (oversees the messaging, design, and execution of the product offering), Product manager, Marketing/Communication manager

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2 years of university level coursework


Via application plus interview (video conference possible)

€260 (French, Erasmus European Students and foreign students) For adults in carrier transition it's different, you have to contact the professional training division

  • 01.

    Program built entirely by companies from the outdoor sports industry.


  • 02.

    Take advantage of classes taught by professionals from the outdoor sports industry.

  • 03.

    Enjoy studying in the most highly coveted outdoor sports playground in France.

  • 04.

    Gain access to the OSV network so you can increase your chances of entering this very competitive market.


  • 05.

    Work on projects that address current key topics for the outdoor sports market in partnership with a company from the industry.

  • 06.

    Develop your work experience in this highly competitive and international industry through a full-time internship and through professional trade shows such as ISPO.

What should you expect from this

You will develop high-level skills and your professional network through expert lecturers, by meeting key players from the industry who will share their experience, through group projects, and by attending professional trade shows. The group of lecturers includes the following amazing professionals from the industry:

> Benjamin Thaller –  Executive Director – OSV

> Armelle Solelhac – CEO – SWiTCH