Specialized bachelor's programs

  • Why were these three education programs created?

    The growing number of companies in the area has increased the need for skilled individuals in sales, marketing, and product development. OSV’s answer to this need was to create education programs allowing outdoor sports companies to recruit qualified graduates who are well trained, outdoor sports enthusiasts, and quickly operational.

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  • Recruit our students for an internship, a job, or an in-company project

    Recruitement & group project
    The curricula for the three OSV undergraduate and graduate programs are based on specific expectations expressed by companies in the industry to develop qualified talent, to shape future collaborators, co-workers, managers, and creative leaders, in a manner to ensure that there is no gap between the coursework delivered and company needs. Each course is developed and taught by professionals from the outdoor sports industry.

    Hiring Students
    Student Projects

  • Make your impact : Take part to the project

    These three international education programs were created in close cooperation with professionals from the outdoor sports industry in order to address their specific needs. For these programs to continue to fit your expectations, you have the opportunity to participate in this collective process, to provide support, and to ensure worldwide recognition of each program.

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