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This program is created by professionals from the sports industry thanks to a close collaboration between the University Institution of Technology (IUT) of Annecy and Outdoor Sports Valley (OSV). The latter is a professional association, also located in Annecy, co-working with more than 460 companies in the outdoor industry. A lot of the OSV members are sport business companies involved in this training, which emphasise the strength of this program.

Through the OSV network, you will have access to a variety of contacts, ranging from family-owned companies to world-renowned brands. You will have the chance to meet many companies and thus build your network to boost your future career.

In addition, you will have the opportunity to participate in a Project Management Consultancy. In groups of three students, you will work, from September, for a company in the Outdoor Business Area. You will be in contact with the Project Manager on a daily basis during the first 6 months of the training period: a collaboration between students and professionals will allow you to make yourself known!

Furthermore, your second direct interaction with the Outdoor Business Network will take place in November at the OSV Internship Seminar. This key convention will provide you with a chance to speak face-to-face with managers and executives from outdoor sports companies large and small, and to gain crucial interview skills as well as identify those companies that interest you for a potential internship. Your choice of internship is either to stay in France or gain international experience by working abroad. This period is a real occasion to start up your career in the outdoor sports industry.

Finally, you will participate in various number of trade shows, and you will have the chance to visit a lot of companies within the business area.

This 6-months period of training will give you exceptional skills. All these different opportunities of individual exchanges and personal contact within the business area will allow you to not only learn more about the industry, but also to make you grow and build your own network in this business.

In past years, students found their career and were recruited in companies such as Rossignol, Snowleader, Columbia, Salewa, Dynafit, Salomon, Picture Organic Clothing, etc.

Job opportunities

This Bachelor of “International Sales & Promotion” prepares students for a career as Export Sales Manager, Regional Sales Manager, Retail Manager, International Distribution Manager, etc. Graduates from this program can expect positions in large international sports and outdoor companies as well as with local brands and startups.

“OSV jobs” is a referenced platform for all OSV members, which presents a huge number of working career opportunities: the excellent place to find your future work career!

The following companies provide their support

These companies also provide their support:

Mavic, Vuarnet, adidas Outdoor, Icebreaker, Amer sports, Rossignol, Dynafit, ARVA, SPAD De Ville, Loly Pomme, Stilesens Designers, Air, Bioparhom, Mountain Lab Ifremmont, Nidecker – Swisslab Factory, A3 Footwear, Quechua, Drom Paintball, Woodstock Creation, Faction Skis.


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